a tool for collecting information on the effectiveness
of special chemicals application, which enables oil producers and suppliers of special chemicals to conclude and automatically execute smart contracts on a blockchain platform.
SenSef application field
Oil refineries
Downhole pumping equipment
Oil treatment tanks
How it works
We install sensors on the equipment subject for application of chemicals to enable automated data collection.
The sensors connect to the SenSef system. Data collected from the sensors is displayed and analyzed online in user account interfaces of customers and chemical solution suppliers. Using this data, the system generates a report on efficiency of chemicals application.
Parties conclude a smart contract before the start of the works.
Transparency of the whole process is guaranteed by smart contract based on blockchain technology, which implies automated fulfillment of obligations by the parties who sign it.
Customer dosesthe chemicals provided by supplier on his facilities.
Customer monitors application of chemicals onlinebased on the data received from the facilities.
Blockchain platform and encryption on all stages ensure that all the data is securely protected.
The SenSef system generates a report on efficiency of chemicals application on the customer's facility and issues an acceptance certificate based on that report.
Smart contract algorithm automatically initiates payments based on performance indicators achieved.
SenSef capabilities
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