The Mirrico Group together with Qiwi Blockchain Technologies (QBT) is developing SenSef blockchain platform for the petrochemical industry.

SenSef we are the first digitalization solution for petrochemical industry cluster focusing on special chemistry. The platform currently undergoes beta testing. The launch is planned for 2020.

SenSef is a blockchain based tool for collecting information about the efficiency of applying specialty chemicals, which allows concluding and executing smart contracts between suppliers and customers in automatic mode.

The platform is designed to resolve the following important issues of the chemical industry:

· Need to "manual" collection of information;
· Low trust of market actors to each other.
· Bureaucracy and redundancy of actions;
· Absence of tools for regular monitoring and analysis of the chemicals applied.

The platform will allow concluding contracts that will have payment system tied with indicators of work performance quality and quality of supplied products. It will also control the execution of contracts. Sensef functional features also enable to fix and store prescriptions for use of chemicals, to perform the calculation of efficiency of chemicals, and to generate work acceptance certificates for the parties.

The project will be implemented with the help of a private blockchain network based on Etherium.

The predicted volume of contracts is 1 mln. contracts per year. The technological solution for implementing bank transactions will be provided by one of the Russian banks.

The Mirrico Group's investments into this innovative digital solution will amount to 50 mln. RUB.
QBT(QiwiBlockchainTechnologies) is a company specializing in development of its own digital products; implementation and customization of blockchain technology and solutions based on it for medium and large enterprises (a branch company of Qiwi).

is a platform for creation of decentralized online blockchain services working based on smart contracts.
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